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Sakura Skin Care Product Moisturizing Eye Mask Sunscreen Facial Cleansing Mud Mask Anti-wrinkle Serum Anti Aging Face/Eye Cream

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Skin Types: All Skin Types

SHELF LIFE:3 years

Ingredients: Sakura Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen Pearl Pearl Hydrolyzed, Nicotinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate and so on ...


A. The Sakura eye mask moisturizes, eliminates dark circles under the eyes, reduces eye bags, and eliminates eye swelling.

How to use eye mask:

1) Cleanses and dries your face.

2) Peel the plastic from the blindfold.

3) Place the patch under the eyes.

4) Use 2-3 times a week, Wear about 30 minutes.

5) Remove the patch, DO NOT reuse it.

B. Sakura sunscreen can effectively block ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn. The texture is clear and not greasy, which can relieve dry skin.

Scope of application: Apply proper amount of the product to the palm and evenly smear it on the face. The neck and other parts will be exposed to the sun


C. Sakura essence face cream can moisturize, brighten, activate and nourish the skin, make the skin smooth, delicate, firm, elastic and radiant.


D. Sakura Mud facial mask is the perfect combination of deep cleaning and makeup remover and pore cleanser!

How to Use Mud Mask:

Step 1: Scoop a proper amount of the LAIKOU Sakura Clay Mask and spread evenly on dry face.

Step 2: Wait for 8-15 minutes ,then rinse off with water.


E. Sakura Lip Mask Long term Moisturizing lipstick can nourish and repair your lips day and night, alleviate dryness, fade fine lines of lip care, instantly plump, and take long-term care of your lips.

How to use lip balm :

1.After cleaning your lips at night, apply a proper amount of lip mask to the lips (can be applied a little thicker), and then go to sleep with a little massage. Wipe clean with a cotton pad or a wet tissue the next morning.

2.As a daytime lip care, apply a proper amount of lip mask to the lips after cleansing the lips.


F. Sakura facial cleanser, rich and deep cleansing with foam, exfoliate; Regulate skin water and oil balance, fresh and moist, mild and non-irritating.


G. Sakura sleep facial mask can deeply repair and protect the skin at night, and keep the skin energetic when waking up.


H. Sakura facial essence uses high-quality skin care ingredients to whiten, resist wrinkles, moisturize, brighten and smooth the skin.


I . Sakura hand cream can effectively make your hands tender, clear and shiny.


J. Sakura anti-wrinkle eye cream can moisturize eye skin, reduce dark circles and eye bags, and relieve eye fatigue


Package Included:

1*Eye Mask (50pcs)/1* Sunscreen cream /1* Face cream/1* Mud Mask /1* Lip Mask /1* Facial Cleanser /1* Sleeping FaceMask (15pcs) /1* Face Serum /1* Hand Cream /1* Eye Cream



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