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NICEFACE Eyebrow Styling Gel Waterproof Transparent Eyebrow Wax Set Brow Gel For Eyebrow Long-lasting Makeup Eyebrow Sculpt Soap

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Product description

NICEFACE Eyebrow Styling Gel Clear Eyebrow Gel Fixed Gel Long Lasting Transparen Eyelash Fix Gel For Eyebrows Makeup Cosmetics



Name:Transparent Eyebrow styling gel/Black Eyebrow styling gel




Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Expiry:3 years

Origin: Made in China

Special purpose cosmetics: No


Transparent liquid gel,invisible natural makeup effect,waterproof and sweat-proof,not easy to remove makeup.

Make eyebrow nakeup lasting and create a waterproof and long lasting eyebrow makeup "raincoat".

Holding Eyebrow makeup and don't take off makeup!


1. TRANSPARENT EFFECT: Not affect the makeup It is colorless and transparent which will not dilute the eyebrow color and lock the color solid with the gel, it does not cake and it won't reflect light when it dries.

2. WATERPROOF: Waterproof and sweat- resistant and it does not smudge. Even when running and swimming. No fear of sweat, waterproof, sweat-proof and oil-proof.

3. 360°DENSE BRUSH HEAD: The delicate brush head firmly grasps the gel, and the long brush can easily brush out delicate and shaped eyebrow makeup.

4. QUICK DRYING: Quick-drying and not stick with the quick-drying formulation can form film after waiting for 1 minute to 2 minutes.

5. SAFE & NATURAL: This product is made of mild and non irritating materials. The all-natural and organic formula is designed specifically for brows. It won’t cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows.



How to use:

1.Draw the prototype of the eyebrows first

2.After drawing the outline of the eyebrows, start coloring

3.Start to use the eyebrow gel, brush the eyebrow gel from back to front, just to make the eyebrows full-color.

4.Brush the eyebrow gel follow the direction of eyebrow growth, and brush all the eyebrows smoothly.


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Eyebrow gel make amazing instant eyebrow shape, realigning the brow to your desired shape a fuller look for you.

Gel Pour Les Sourcils
Long-lasting Makeup
Eyebrow Setting Liquid

Transparent Gel Native And Natural
Transprarent Liquid Gel,Invisible Natural Makeup Effect,Waterproof And Sweat-Proof,Not Easy To Remove Makeup
Make Eyebrow Makeup Lasting And Create A Waterproof And Long Lasting Eyebrow Makeup“Raincoat”

Comparison Before And After Use
Use Eyebrow Brush To Lightly Stick Eyebrow Styling Cream And Brush In The Same Direction
Keep The Original Eyebrow Makeup

Delicate eyebrow makeup
Transparent setting liquid gel long-lasting eyebrow makeup

Gentle Skin-Friendly
Gentle Formula,Refreshing And Non-sticky Does Not Affect Makeup
360°Fine Brush Head
Grasp The Cream Firmly
Easily Brush Out Delicate
Eyebrow Makeup

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