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New Turmeric Oil Glow to Facial Lightening Brightening Serum For Black Brown Skin Leg Hand Body Whitening for Dark Skin 10/30ml

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Product description
It can use for face and body. Recommend 3 bottles for a course.

Item specifics:

Product Name: Turmeric Serum 30ml
Target Area: For face and body

Our Turmeric lemon oil is a formulation for glowing skin with turmeric & other ingredients infused in the base oil of  oil. This is the fantastic oil that will protect & treat skin problems like rashes, acne marks, dark patches

Great oil for your body care routine product for face & body .
This tumeric lemon oil is for those who want brilliantly glowing skin ! This oil gives a beautiful glow

Benefit: With regular use, skin glow & all the dark patches vanish

usage: take oil as much as required, apply all over the face and body. massage in upward circular motions. Use it daily for quick results.

Tumeric Oil. Condition is New.

About Turmeric Extract:
1. Anti-inflammatory
Curcumin, the main active ingredient of turmeric, has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps defend against foreign invaders, and has a certain effect on repairing damage. Since curcumin has good anti-inflammatory properties, it can be as effective as some anti-inflammatory drugs Help fight chronic .
2. Antioxidants
Oxidation is one of the causes of aging and many diseases, and antioxidants can protect the body and delay aging. Curcumin happens to be a powerful antioxidant that counteracts the damage of free radicals. In addition, curcumin promotes the activity of the body's own antioxidant enzymes .

About Glycerin:
Gentle and delicate care, moisturizing and moisturizing, making your skin moist and smooth

How to use?
Step1: Wash your skin with water to clean and remove dust particles deposited on it, then dry;
Step2: Take 2-3 drops of essential oil in clean palm and apply to your skin;
Step3: Gently massage with fingertips until the skin is completely absorbed;
Step4: Follow up with your favorite cream;
- For best results it is recommended to use morning and night. Use it daily for quick results.

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