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MELAO Herbal Hair Color Protection Enhance Shampoo No Odor Irritation Suitable for Sensitiv Scalp Hair Dye Suitable For All Hair

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Safe and gentle, material of hair dye pen is natural cuttlefish juice and green tea.It not only can excellent cover the white hair,health shine,but also can maintain the hair.Green tea has the effect of anti-oxidation,green tea is rich in a variety of vitamins,after the use of soft hair is not stiff.The hair chalk pens with no stimulate,no peculiar smell can be used at ease.

Apply to dry areas of white hair and try not to get it on your scalp and hands.You can wait a few minutes after use,leave to dry.

For all hair types,the corresponding pigment of the hair dye pen for roots can adhere to the hair smoothly and can adjust itself to achieve perfect effect.

Hair chalk pen is small and exquisite, easy to carry can modify your hair when you need it nomatter when,before going out, on a business trip or on a date or more.

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