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EMS Micro Current Pulse Eye Massager Heating Relieves Eye Fatigue Fades Dark Circle Anti Wrinkle Eye Care Beauty Eye Device

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Product description
Material: ABS
Color: white and purple
Size: 15.5*5.3*3cm

1.Using high-frequency vibration massage, pulse electrotherapy and constant temperature infrared heat compress, 3 levels of adjustable intensity, deep massage of the eyes, strengthen eye movements, and stimulate the skin around the eyes.
2.It can lift and tighten eye skin, smooth eye wrinkles, relieve eye fatigue, diminish dark circles, and improve eye bags and eye puffiness.
3.Eye frame design, lightweight body less than 50 grams, 304 stainless steel electrode sheet, spring hinge, delicate and skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, foldable storage, easy to carry.
4.The 3D surround design conforms to the human facial contour curve, perfectly fits the eye skin, does not block the line of sight, and is convenient for you to use this product while working.
5.15 minutes of work time, once a day hot massage, let you enjoy a comfortable eye SPA.
6.USB charging design, 2 hours fast charging, up to a week of battery life, so you can enjoy eye relaxation anytime, anywhere.

Package Include:
1* Eye Massager
1* Cleaning Cloth
1* USB Cable
1* Manual

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