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21PCS Titanium Alloy/Stainless steel Eye Ophthalmic Set Instrument Eye Micro Tweezers Scissors Needle Holder Set Surgical Tools

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Product description
1:Irrigation/Aspiration Caunula
2:Wire Speculum
3:Irrigation Cannula
4:Irrigation Cannula
5:Infusion Lens Loop
6:Castroviejo Spatula
8:Iol Fixation Hook
9:Iol Fixation Hook
10:Blade Holder
11:Infusion Handpiece
12:Vannas Scissors Straight
13:Vannas Scissors Curved
14:Tying Forceps
15:Corneal Scleral Forceps
16:Needle Holder Straight
17:Intraocular Lens Forceps
18:Capsulotomy scissor curved
19:Corneal Scissors curved
20: Angle Tying Forceps
21:Teethed Angle Forceps

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